Day 10: Playing House

I’ve been writing, you guys. I swear.

This page isn't blank. It's full of potential!

This page isn’t blank. It’s full of potential!

Not a lot, mind you. Little bits, here and there. I have many blogs posts that I have been chipping away at periodically. I know the Forty Days of Writing isn’t so much about publishing as it is about just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as is my chosen medium). But I do still feel like I’ve been slacking by not finishing anything. Never mind though. It’s “forty days of writing,” not “forty days of coming to valuable conclusions about heavy topics like feminism and how I associate blackberry picking with summer and childhood, and how the smell of blackberries reminds me of my past youth and the douchebag who built that fucking fence around my parents’ house. Oh, and that sociopath from college.”

You know. Easy topics.

So just to get my fingers moving, I want to introduce you to Brodie.

Here we are on the couch. I’m sorry the resolution sucks, but I have an iPhone 4, trying to make things work with the reverse camera in low light and not wanting to disturb the dog …

Rule breakers.

Rule breakers.

You see, I get to housesit for my friends. Well, really their parents. And also sometimes Jodee’s cat, whom I started calling Maeby Baby, but is now Miracle Maeby. Anyway, it’s a chance to get out of my house (which I love! Don’t misunderstand me) and get a little space and quiet time.

And I get to play house. I’m not ready for my own house, but getting to stay in some of these homes lets me pretend. They come with pets. I like animals. (And after cuddling with Brodie, I think I want a corgi now. Well, not now. Someday. When I don’t have to work away from the house, and when I don’t kill succulents.) It’s nice to play house, to get up early in the morning and let out the chickens before I leave for my run. It’s nice to have furry beasts run to greet me when I come in. Surround sound is pretty groovy, too.

It’s also really nice having access to a hot tub for a week. What can I say? I’m a mercenary. And a sucker for a spa with a view of the chicken run. But playing house? It’s kind of fun. I’ll miss this guy when our time together is up, but it will be good to be home, too.

What I came downstairs to see on Thursday morning.

What I came downstairs to see on Thursday morning.

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